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Likhts’amisyu Spring Construction Camp

APRIL 28, 2019 – MAY 18, 2019

The Likhts’amisyu Clan is about to embark on a Spring Construction Camp. We will be building permanent buildings on our territory in an effort to assert our precolonial rights and jurisdiction on our lands. We will be asking for help from volunteers to assist in fundraising, building a cabin, a kitchen dining and a bunk house, and also the associated outbuildings.

Our other long-term construction project will be the design and construction of a Climate Change Research Facility. We know that there is an identified need for such a facility on our lands. There is a high amount of destructive extraction projects destroying not only Wet’suwet’en territories but also many other territories and the cumulative impacts on our biosphere causing extreme weather events around the planet. These issues need attention not only from the scientific community and the General public but also absolutely must include the Indigenous populations dealing with those destructive colonial impacts all around the World.

In this Climate Change Research facility we will look at inviting prominent climate scientists to assist us with presenting the clearest and most current portrayals of climate change. We would like to also look at creating Climate Change Curriculum for elementary schools, high schools, and post-secondary institutions. This place would also host Climate Change Camps for parents interested in helping steer their children and Youth into a future with strong critical thinking skills.

We plan on the Construction Period being between April 28th until May 18th. This initiative will likely start with site prep before April 28, 2019 with site preparation and logistical planning. It will also likely continue after May 18, 2019, with finishing off the construction projects.

We are looking for people who have carpentry, electrical, and log construction experience. We are also willing to invite people who have little to no experience with any construction trade skills but are strong and willing to help out with the construction projects. This is a great opportunity to learn new skills off of skilled trades people. We also hope to start a large garden on the site for growing food. First Aid skills and Cooking skills are also essential personnel to have at our camp.

To get to the camp you must travel South from the town of Houston BC and onto the Buck Flats Forest Service Road for 28 kilometers. You then turn right onto the Parrot Trail FSR for an additional 11 kilometers. You cross over the Colleymount FSR intersection and onto the Parrot Lakes Recreation Site driveway for an additional 3 kilometers to the construction site.

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